Tender Guaranty

0il & gas is a government controlled industry in Iran. Major oil & gas clients have to follow the tender directions issued by the government. All bidder, who wish to attend in such tenders, shall place different type of bank guaranties including Tender Bank Guaranty (TBG) , performance bank guaranty (PBG)and advance payment bank guaranty (APBG).

Delvar Sahel Jonoob has sufficient sources and credit in the bank to cover such requirements. We are able to place different type of bank guaranties up to 20 million Euros on behalf of the manufacturer and in favor of the client.
This can be achieved through a mutual agreement. Well known manufacturers who cannot place such guaranties and wish to deal directly with the client, will find our service very attractive.
Considering our bank credit, we will provide the guaranties with the lowest possible cost. This advantage will help you to sell your product with the most favorable and competitive price.
For your information, there is several purchase contracts are still pending due to manufacturer inability to place the requested bank guaranty in favor of the client.
Delvar Sahel Jonoob is ready to step in and facilitate the project via placing such guaranties for your esteemed company.  


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