Oil & gas is an industry where deals are still built an effective relationship and handshakes . marketing in oil & gas industry requires special skills. Delvar Sahel is familiar with the unique needs of Iran oil & gas demands. We have professional marketing team specialized in purchasing tubular and drilling related equipment.

Delvar Sahel Jonoob is registered in the vendor list of major oil & gas clients as the trusted supplier. Our main clients are NISOC, IOOC, NIOCEXP, ICOFC, NIDC,… .
We receive inquiries from our clients on a daily basis. We focused on serving the clients with the most comprehensive technical proposal along with the most favorable price. For this propose we try to keep our direct contact  with the manufacturers to match the latest products with the client needs.

This is your best opportunity to keep your market share as well as expanding and developing new new market for your new product. 
Be sure! If there is any need for your product in Iran oil & gas market, we will determine it for you.  

With the" VERY EARLY"  determining the client needs and also with building a closely effective relationship with the end user, we have the most reliable and complete market data base in Iran .


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