Project Finance

In Iran, acting as a simple supplier and connecting the manufacturer product to the client to end user needs, does not add any advantage to the purchasing process. Simply expressing; "it doesn’t work"

Nowadays, one of the biggest problems of Iranian clients is FINANCIAL ISSUE, which mainly comes from 3 reasons as follows:
  1. Payment in local currency (IRR) instead of hard currencies.

  2. Lack of secured banking channels for money transfer to the dedicated manufacturer. Because no first class international bank is connected to Iranian banking system.

  3. Lack of credit/ assigned budget / cash flow, We are glad to inform you that, we have a full package service to solve all these problems.

Delvar Sahel Jonoob CO. has established several secured and reliable ways for money transfer. We are able to receive local currency from our clients and pay the manufacturer in hard currencies through first class international banks. For this reason, many of well known manufacturers refer to handle their existing and future projects through us.
For your information, Delvar Sahel Jonoob Co. exports engine oil to middle east & Africa.We earn hard currency through this business and keep it in our bank in UAE. This income is dedicated to be used for financing purposes in our purchasing projects.
Accordingly we are able to pay the manufacturer regardless of the End user payment terms.While other Iranian buyers are not ever able to pay the advance payment and start the projects, Delvar Sahel Jonoob co. is fully ready and able to respect the manufacturer PAYMENT TERMS, independently.
As of today, the financial situation of Iranian oil & gas clients is not good. There are many tenders which have been done and several purchase orders are already placed, but most of them are not officially started due to not paying the advance payment or lack of finance. 
All of these pending orders will remain inactive unless the supplier finds a way to handle this part on his own.
Delvar Sahel Jonoob Co. is fully able to cover all related cost for the project commencement in order to avoid such long delay. This is a key element for keeping the P.O active and alive.


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