Waste Managmenet Package

Drilling waste management involves the processing of drill cuttings in order to reduce the amount of waste generated and to reuse valuable drilling fluids during the drilling process. Our solutions reduce haul off and disposal volumes, allow for increased recovery and reuse of drilling fluids, and reduce the environmental footprint of the drilling process.

The Environmental Fluid Management Systems (EFMS) is an integrated system of solids control, fluid recovery and drilling waste management equipment masterfully packaged into a single mud tank configuration.

An ideal solution for operations drilling in zero-discharge environments, the EFMS eliminates the need for a reserve pit and drastically reduces site reclamation requirements. The system connects directly to the flow line, making integration into existing drilling rigs as a simple exercise.

The EFMS works to maximize separation of solids and liquids, while comprehensively managing both phases after separation. Discarded cuttings are prepared for off-site disposal through an automated system of screw conveyors; drilling fluids are recycled and primed for re-use in the active mud-system.


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