Best Quality, Steady Progress, Customer Satisfaction


DSJ is a modern company which succeeded in short period of time to gain exceptional reputation in the national and international market. Following our slogan "best quality, steady progress, customer satisfaction", our efforts are focused on providing generating sets of high quality standards, reliable and safe products, which meet our customers' expectations and keep up with the demands of our continuously changing market place.

Delvar in Brief

Delvar S.J started its operations basically as provider of different general contracting and construction services to local and international partners. Over the years, this company with a very fast rate of growth, succeeded to establishitself as the one of the most successful supplying companies in the country and overseas and a major player in the Market.

In the meantime, Delvar S.J has extensively diversified its activities and extended its operations in other fields such as Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Mining and Safety equipment.In order to facilitate the implementation of the projects at hand, it has joined to number of well known companies. Each of these companies is specialized in certain fields of industry.
We believe in service above all since our singular goal is to move our customers’ business forward. This drives us to anticipate our customers’ needs and work with them to deliver the finest products and services on time and on budget.

Field of Activities

Main orientation of our activity is towards supplying materials, equipments,consumables, chemical components and also delivering maintenance, repair and overhaul services in oil, gas and petrochemical Industries.
Delvar S.J has extensive experience to provide different Services including Marketing, Project Management, Engineering and Man Power Supply and furthermore, Delvar S.J as a General Contractor has the capacity to perform other EPC/EPIC packages in other industries.

Our Strategy

For Our Manufacturer

We struggle to be known as the preferred business partner for reputable first-class manufacturers.  Our scope of services is to provide the most updated market information and latest client needs. We provide local support, financial and legal facilities for our business partners.

For Our Clients

Being deeply close to our customers, we aim to keep long term business relationship with them and provide solutions that meet their daily challenges. We have direct access to manufacturing facilities in Europe , the Americas, the Far East, the sub-continent and the Middle East. Majority of our special project supplies are made directly from the manufacturing base and storage facilities. 

By bridging the gap between IRAN and the world, we aim at marrying the output of international compa¬nies with the needs of the Iranian market, creating growth opportuni¬ties and business expansion for both: local and global companies.

Our Policies

Human Resources Policy:

Delvar S.J considers "Human resources" as its main source of capital, and continually endeavors at creating a sense of belonging, encourages innovation and cooperation. Delvar S.J appreciates its human resources by:
  • Encouraging innovators, originators and pioneers
  • Celebrating success
  • Continuous training of employees
  • Minimizing of bureaucracy
  • Retaining qualified forces 
  • Cooperation and collaboration of the personal
  • Exchanging views with co-workers and sharing their experiences

Management Policy

The most important task for Delvar S.J as a General Contractor is to update its project management techniques via:
  • Creating and Assigning work to qualified contractors
  • Allocating separate departments within the organizational structure
  • Utilizing reliable information systems as well as refined data banks
  • Emphasizing on an integrated project management system
  • Partnership and transfer of know how with successful companies
  • Preserving and transferring information and lessons learned
  • Increasing the domestic share and involvement within projects