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Turnkey project services

Installation audit is needed to survey the ability of our installation to operate correctly. Should there be any precaution take for ensuring the continuity of the system operation, the audit report would underline it and propose respective solution.

installation and commissioning of power plants

with our service experts, you can be sure that the equipment will be installed and commissioned properly in compliance with professional guidelines and technical specifications. 
Our role goes beyond monitoring to include advice, prevention and orientation. 

Renovation and modernization

Would your power plant or your electrical system need to be more reliable, or would you need to accommodate new needs, at low cost, we can provide you with retrofit or upgrading solutions for your existing equipment. 


  • Omega experts are ready to ensure the operation of your power plants. 
  • Our skilled staff repairs and maintains your installation.
We can also replace faulty parts with new components. This means that your power plant equipment can be upgraded during repair. 
Operation problems have major and costly consequences. Signing a maintenance contract with omega is the right solution because it can cover all of your installation. Medium voltage, low voltage switchgears and transformers. 

Engineering Services

Engineering studies

short circuit, load flow and relay coordination

Harmonics filtering

The harmonics filtering performance service enables you to eliminate any disturbances in your installation and helps enhance electrical power availability by analyzing the sources, calculating the solution, determine the best location and commissioning the solution. 

Power factor correction

To minimize your electricity bill, we measure on your site the installation power factor (MV or LV) analyze the results and propose, if needed, ways of improvements. 

Selectivity study

Our technical experts can analyze and recalculate the exact relay settings by performing the proper short circuit study, in order to reach the adequate protection of your system. 

After-Sales Service

Maintenance Contracts

After your generating set has been installed, effective support is needed so that your generator runs years without any breakdowns. The maintenance department can advise you on and supply all of the necessary parts to keep your generating set in first class condition. 

Our maintenance contract offers you a significant benefit from a periodic technical and electrical check –up on your generating set. Our team is ready to repair whatever defects that a generator  has as it is under our own responsibility and the regulation of our maintenance contract. 

Technical Assistance

This involves providing accurate technical specification and documentations including descriptive technical manuals, and also it is engaged in the maintenance operations and repairing process.

Also We are ready to offer different levels of training, related to your requirements.


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