Quality & Technology

We believe that our strength is firmly rooted in our customers' satisfaction so Our main philosophy is to relationship with them based on honest , loyalty and reliability.

Our Electrical departments carry the responsibility or designing and developing Electrical control systems that monitor and regulate Gen–sets across our range. We are using the most advanced methods and the latest technology in order to overcome all the obstacles that might face our team in the gen-set industry. 

Our team is ready around the clock at the services call center to provide the best quality of maintenance to our customers.

We provide high quality services for our customers at all areas. Our frame work is developed and created to maintain and created to maintain and review the quality objectives. We are always updating our services through constant review, monitoring and quality system requirements. Our staff is well trained, developed, and conversant with the quality system requirements and procedures. 

Our goal is to satisfy our customers in all ways at any time. We provide our customers with whatever they need by covering a comprehensive range of generating sets. DELVAR is supported by a maintenance service department where fully qualified service engineers with through understanding of the sets and their problems are committed to offer the following services: 


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