Legal Support

Considering the fact that almost all Iranian oil & gas clints act as a government or semi-government entities, one of the most important factors to succed in this market is to have deep knowledge of the rules, laws, directives and legal affairs.

Delvar Sahel Jonoob has an expert team for legal advice. They are fully familiar with the different styles of supply contracts in oil & gas industry in Iran. Delvar Sahel Jonoob is interested in providing these services and sharing this information with the esteemed manufacturers through mutual agreement. This is to assist you to develop your market in more safe and secured manner.

This service includes but not limited to : 
  1. Offering proper legal advice to " avoid legal dispute " with oil & gas governmental directives.

  2. Offering legal and practical " solutions " for the existing problems.

  3. Predicting legally vague issues and clarify them with the client in due time.


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